View Full Version : What ver do I have?


Brian Stein
07-04-2002, 07:49 AM
When I click on help in Alpha Five database I says Version 1.0.0 So I take it that I have ver 1 is that right.

Can someone help. I need to use ODBC but I was told ver1 does not support ODBc is that right?

If so how do I update to a dif ver and is it free.


07-04-2002, 11:01 AM

If you are using that database at all, you should upgrade to A5v1.02 which is a free download form the Alpha website. You can jump directly to their site by clicking on the logo at the top of this page - then click the "Support" tab and go to "Technical Support" to get the download.

Unfortunately, you must upgrade to A5 version 4 to get any ODBC connections. There is an upgrade cost - you can find it on Alpha's website. BE AWARE - A5 version 5 will be out very soon (perhaps in a few days?) so (a) version 4 may not be available much longer, and (b) version 5 will be easier to use. Of course, it will cost more too. My recommendation: wait a few days,pay the extra money and go to version 5.