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Thomas Henkel
03-18-2002, 03:46 AM
This is in reply to an e-mail from John. I have not been able to contact him via e-mail, so I thought I might get to him through the forum.

At our agency, we have separated our responsibilities. I am primarily responsible for application development, design, and maintenance, and another conference-goer, Chris Barbariantz, is responsible for network, e-mail, and hardware infrastructure.
Hopefully, together, we can help you with your questions.

Just a note. We are currently running 3 windows NT 4.x Servers for
databases, various other NT and UNIX servers, TCP/IP & Netbeui protocols, windows 95, and 98 workstations. Our Development machines are Win2K. The biggest thing is that we are using ALPHA5 VER1.02. We have a very, very intricate application that we just haven't had time to convert to ver 4.
I have done some minimal conversions, but nothing to really test the
network. The scope of our application prevented us from going to ver 4 as there is no way to pass global variables from application (.dbf) to
application. I have been in contact with Alpha Software and was assured that in ver 5, this is resolved. The solution seems to be what we need. When one of our users logs into the application, we need to track their movements throughout for auditing and fraud prevention purposes. Our main application is basically a menu system which calls other applications. If we were to combine all of our "systems" into one large .dbf, it would be a maintenance nightmare. We are bringing a laptop to the conference to show how far we have pushed ver 1. I don't think Selwyn can even believe what we did with this software.

Tom Henkel