View Full Version : A5 ver 1.0.0 and win xp


Victoria Jackson
11-20-2001, 06:46 AM
I have used A5ver 1.0.0 for years (if it's not broke don't fix it). I have new PC with Win XP pre-installed. I installed A5 ver 1.0 and everything seemed fine. I did get a suggestion to increase files and buffers but didn't overwrite the existing file.

The program seems to run fine (even memo fields). However, I get a memory corrupt error when I try to use an existing defined export. If I create a new export, it is fine.

What causes this error and how do I fix it? Is it related to the file & beffer thing. Is something else bad going to happen?

If I were to upgrade to the latest version, will everything covert? (ie lots of versions in between)

Since I am still in testing mode, any suggestions will be appreciated!

12-12-2001, 08:49 AM
From earlier posts, I believe there is some XBasic that won't make the trip cleanly (because there were substantial changes after version 1), so if you use a fair amount of XBasic you may want to do a search on the Alpha 5 forums and see what you can find. A couple of users had pretty well pinned down the portions of XBasic code that were likely to be problematic.

Download a trial version of A5v4.5 and try things out on a backup of your data. See how it works.