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W. Horton
09-13-2001, 12:15 PM
Problem: getting an Alpha Five error/lockup when attempting to print a form.

I feel inevitably that version 1.0.2 applications need to be updated to newer versions because of 16 bit to 32 bit changes. This is frustrating since I would have thought that Alpha Software was in the best position to offer a conversion progam to update from an older version to a newer version. I have spent the last 3 + years in developing a program which is now in jeapardy of failure because of the enormous problem of manually re-writing it to a newer version. HELP! What can be done to get Alpha Software to write newer .dll's for version 1.02 or a software conversion utility. I am willing to pay for this. I would hate to see all these years to be wasted just because I can't covert to a newer version.

Any help would be so greatly appreciated. If you have any suggestions please contact me by email and leave your contact number. I will contact you at my expense.

Warren Horton

10-26-2001, 06:14 PM

I realise this is a rather dated post, but I don't visit the version 1 board Too often anymore.

All but some of your application will convert over. The forms, reports, card stacks, letters, labels, et al need only be opened once, then saved in the new format, overwriting the original. All field rules are the same.

It's probably a good idea to recreate any drop and drag buttons, which is easy.

It is just some of the XBasic that must be altered. Were you composing massive scripts?

Much of the XBasic is backward compatible, with only a few exceptions.

I don't know how much xbasic is involved in your app, but it is achievable.

What operating system are you using? I still have a couple version 1 applications in use out there, all day, everyday, with no problems. They run under ME, '98, and '95.

If your just locking up when printing a form, why not recreate the form as a report, assuming you have no problems there. Have you tried a different printer? Could be a driver conflict...

Version 4.5 has a host of features that, quite frankly, make a great program like version 1 look like a toy, and I think you should upgrade, but only for the right reasons!

I can safely say that there are, and will never be, any utilities to convert the code. Just as confidently I can say that Alpha won't be creating any *.dll's.

If your application is as complex, and complete, as it sounds, I'd set about putting a bandaid on it while I tool around with converting it over to it's version 4.5 counterpart. It's really not that big a deal, since the framework of the scripts has been created already!

Good luck,