View Full Version : Windows 2000 Compatability Problems


Rex Gaylord
09-05-2001, 10:25 AM
We are running Alpha5 Ver 1.2 and have applied several patches trying to run on Windows 2000. Some of the errors that we get (If Alpha5 starts at all) are:

Blue screens;
Windows protection faults;
error reading A-CRDSYS.DLL at 0007:333D;
error reading A-engine.dll AT 000A:0EA8;
error reading A-IUTIL.DLL AT 0004:5562;
error reading A-CRDSYS.DLL AT 0007:333D;

And occasionally the video card actually stops responding Screen goes black like it has been unplugged from PC.

We are somethings seeing these type of errors on Win95 and Win98 machines that had previously been stable. Is it possible that 2000 is doing something to the permissions? I run across some files in the data directory that have 0 bytes, no name and can't read. The only reason I know they are there is I get an error when I do an xcopy *.* /s /h

Any suggestions would be appreciated.