View Full Version : Sending Report Results as Attachments


Christine Fenson
04-15-2001, 08:06 PM
Is there any way to save the results of a report as a file & email it via an attachment? I am assuming that the recipient does not have Alpha Five software. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!!!

Lowell Wardlow
04-16-2001, 02:31 PM
Christine -

You can do several things -

a) Set up a "Generic" printer and print the report to
disk. This is less than perfect- the report, when
printed (at the other end) is less than perfect.
(The new version of Alpha, v5, will include the
ability to e-mail reports from within Alpha)

b) Export the data to an Excel (.xls) file, rather
than an actual report. You can export the data, then
go directly to it and add headers, etc., before
attaching it in your e-mail


04-16-2001, 05:01 PM

Another possibility, but is only feasible for small one/two page reports...

When printing, select a single page to print. Now select you fax software instead of your (default) printer.

Some fax software allows you to preview the fax and save it as a bitmap, or the like.

If your software supports this, do so for each page and the put each "picture" in a Word document, one picture, one page.

It works quite well and is usually crisp, but is tedious for multi-page reports.

Try to make the picture the same size on each page, also.

This is a very round about method, and I hope you will look into upgrading to A5v5. It really makes sense to go to version 4.5 now, but with either version, some conversion work may be needed if you have any xbasic scripts running. Buttons on forms that were created with drop and drag are easy to recreate.

Just another alternative with a twist!