View Full Version : appending records from one database to another


Albert Ortmann
02-19-2001, 11:15 AM
We have two databases in a privite school tracking income
One handles milk tickets, sports fees, book fines, field trips, fundraisers, Pizza on Tues. you get the idea.
Second data base handels tuition payments. The first database does have a tuition field but it is rarely used.
I need to append the records from that tuition field
if there is an entry but not append, if that record has the same check number for the same person as in both databases.
They can link, by phone number and last name.
You see some times a person writes one check for tuition plus two or more small items.
Anyway how can I combine tuition records from both but protect from getting a double entry if each already has the entry.

Thomas Henkel
03-07-2001, 06:17 AM
I suspect that you want to POST, not append. The posting operation will take fields from one database and post them to another based on linking fields (phone, name,etc.) and under conditions (ie: checkno checkno). Look into this operation. I think thatit will do the trick.