View Full Version : Updating Shipping


Lucia Breaux
02-04-2001, 08:00 PM
We need to update our shipping charges database. However, we found that it changed all the shipping for invoices that were previously entered to the current values. Invoices have been entered since 1995 forward. We could'nt do that, so we tried splitting the information and starting a "new" program starting with Jan, 2001, however, we found we were constantly going to the archived files for customer history questions, so we tried putting everything back together. A real horror story. Thank heavens for backups!! Now we are back at square one and still need to update our UPS shipping tables. We've absorbed the last 3 years of shipping cost increase and can no longer do that. This should be something that can be done. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thomas Henkel
02-05-2001, 06:05 AM
If shipping charge is a database, then you might want to setup another , similar database with new shipping charges. When invoicing is done, check the ship date, and use the new database for all orders after 01/01/2001, else use the old database. If this is done via a lookup, then make it a conditional lookup, giving you the flexibility to search separate databases based on conditions that you set.