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Alan Bligh
01-03-2001, 05:08 AM
Situation: I have a database that must be uploaded from Alpha 5 V1.0 to our web site. There are four dbf files involved that have to be JOINED to form the one database for export as an ASC file.

Problem: Two of the four dbf files contain MEMO fields. I cannot figure out how to export MEMO fields. The key field comes out okay but all of the data in the MEMO field desappears. To solve this I use REPORTS and print the files "to disk." Then read those files into MS Word and clean them up. This takes way too long for a data set that we need to upload daily to the web site. Is there another way to handle these MEMO fields?

If interested, our web site is www.caller.com/bbb.



Melvin Davidson
01-04-2001, 08:43 AM

Please check the Code Archive in this BBS for my posting of:

Memo field repair scripts Melvin Davidson 11-02-2000 15:41

I am sure if you modify the part of the script that removes the garbage characters, they will serve the purpose.

Note: use the fixmemo.zip in the second posting.