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Richard Rabins
12-15-2000, 07:14 AM
Dear Alpha Software Customer:

We are in the process of creating an important new section on the new web site we have under construction. This new section will be labelled "Applications".

The focus on this section will be applications developed in an Alpha Software product by thrid parties.

When a visitor to the site clicks on this section they will see all the applications listed by name and/or application type (e.g. inventory control).

Each application will have a link to more information about the applications themselves and will provide information about you(the creator/developer of the application).

For example if you have developed three applications -- one for medical records, one for the trucking industry and one for contact management, the names of your three applications will appear on the first screen with a hyperlink to the detailed information about the application and about you.

This new section is in response to comments we have heard from many of you such as “wouldn’t it be great, if developers had a forum to showcase their products” and “wouldn’t it be great if prospective new customers could get a feel for the range of applications that have been developed by third parties”.

The benefit of this new section on the site will be threefold.
·It will help promote you and your company.
·It will allow you to use each other as resources when creating applications written in Alpha Five and Alpha Four.
·It will give pospective customers a much greater sense of the capabilities of the Alpha Software product line.

Please go to:

to fill in the information that we need to ensure you get listed.

Please make sure you fill in ALL the fields and provide ALL the information on ALL of the applications that you have developed.

Also as part of the new web site, we will be creating a testimonial section. If any of you care to submit a testimonial for inclusion in the web site, please email me with the wording of your testimonial. I would be delighted to include it in our new web site.

Thank you for your time.
Richard Rabins
Alpha Software
781 229 4500 x 100