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Jeff Bohling
08-24-2000, 03:17 PM
Is Alpha Five version 1.02 compatible with Windows 2000 Pro?

Jim Rowlen
08-24-2000, 04:52 PM
Haven't heard anything about v1, but v4 is. Theoretically, it should run. The compatiblity problems would probably be with hardware. (I built a 600EB-based system a couple months ago, with the latest motherboard, drives, GeForce AGP board, etc, and none of my hardware drivers passed MS's compatibility test . . .)

You can go to www.msn.com and download a 2+ meg file which will check your system and produce a list of equipment (and sometimes software) that will require upgrades.

Lowell Wardlow
08-29-2000, 05:44 AM
Jeff - just set up v1.02 on windows 2000 for a client - no obervable problems at this point, been running for about a week.


Jeff Bohling
08-29-2000, 10:37 AM
Thanks for the info. I've been trying to decide if I should go to Windows 2000 or stay with NT 4.0 . I'll be checking out a few other strageties. Again, Thank You...

Jim Rowlen
09-01-2000, 07:51 PM
From what I've been able to ascertain the main probelem with W2K is existing hardware/software compatibility with W2K (a file can be downloaded from WWW.MSN.COM which will point out any driver compatibility issues). W2K shows how "Plug and Play" is really "Plug and Pray" beyond what is the case with Win 98. I just built a new system with the latest hardware and drivers and EVERYTHING came up as failing the MSN download program's test. Otherwise I would have set up W2K on my second home system for which is primarily used for testing (A5 testing for a Cold Fusion web server we had to download something from MSN to make it work (outsourced process)). We've just set up a live A5v4 ODBC through Access and SQL server in Cold Fusion 4.5 without an APPARENT prolems (I'm sure I'll hear in the next business day or so if they exist).

From what I've read, Alpha is running v4 (and v5) under W2K.

Thomas Celotto
10-31-2000, 04:19 AM
I have not had any problems running it.

Jeff Bohling
10-31-2000, 08:05 AM
Thanks for the info. To all apparent responses so far
it looks like a go for Windows 2000.
Have a good day