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W. Horton
07-16-2000, 11:13 AM
In trying to make it easier to import a bitmap image into the field, I thought it would be easy to use the obj_put command and use it to plant the filename into the bitmap field. But when I use the property 'filename', as described on page 59 of the user manual, it tells me that there is no such property. either the manual was mis printed, the property is spelled different or something ?? But if anyone knows the secret, please let me know.


warren g.

08-10-2000, 01:22 PM
First you must give the bitmap object a name, such as "bitmap" As a test, I created a button on a form with a bitmap object with placed the following command in the event script for the button


The bitmap object was named "bitmap"
The bitmap I wanted to put in the bitmap object was named "co_logo.bmp". If the bitmap is not located in the same directory as the .dbf file, I think you must specify the complete path. (I normally use A5V4 so I am a little rusty on V1)

Clicking on the button changed the bitmap to the one I wanted.

As I remember, the xbasic reference does not state that the object name,property, and value must be stated in quotes. This burned me a number of times using V1