View Full Version : Migrating A5v1 from Novell to NT


Tina Larrick
06-20-2000, 03:50 PM
We lost our 1 remaining Novell server recently and A5 was running on it. We are now having trouble getting A5 to run on our NT server. We've set up path and share names exactly and mapped a drive in the same fashion as the mappings were on the Novell side.

does anyone know if A5 will run successfully on NT? We have the program on the local PC, but the databases on the server for backup purposes.

When I open A5 and try to access the database, it tells me "Cannot open specified database/set (path not found)"

Any information will help significantly. Thanks in advance.

Melvin Davidson
06-28-2000, 07:31 AM

To the best of my knowledge, A5 is NOT supported on NT server. It was originally designed for WIN3.1. It works fine on WIN95, probably WIN98, but there have been noted problems with NT. So you have to be careful about the environment. If you have WIN95/98 clients, you can probably get by if you install A5 on each client and set private path to specific client, shared path to server location, but nothing is guaranteed.

Tina Larrick
06-28-2000, 11:09 AM
Thank you so much for your input... and I don't think I'm made myself clear in the message.... but I'm not trying to run the app from the server... it is installed on a Win98 machine, and it only points to the files on the network.

Since my cry for help by posting this question, I've upgraded the software to the current release. By doing so, we can then get help from technical support. It appears we are going to need it because the data is not coming over as we had expected...

Thanks again.

Thomas Henkel
06-29-2000, 08:25 AM
We run Alpha 5 on an NT 4.x Server. All of our databases are on multiple shared directories on multiple servers. Our user population is running windows 95 and windows 98. We keep the databases on the server because of their size, backup convenience, and the horsepower of the server. We just set the directories on the server to be shared folders. Maybe you don't have sharing set up properly on the server. Users must be: 1-Known to the server, 2-given FULL RIGHTS to the folder that is being shared (this is done in TWO places, Disk Properties, and User Permissions). We also run a significant amount of "batch" routines at night directly on the NT server. Alpha runs fine.

Good Luck