View Full Version : Mail labels not seeing a_shared


Rick Butler
05-23-2000, 08:29 AM
Somehow in the transfer of A5 to new system, my invoice.set mail label can't find it's "standard size" (Avery 5162). A_shared is present in both the A5 root directory and my A5/BDS(data) folder, as it has always been. Opening either a_shared shows all the Avery standard sizes. Attempting to redesign the label shows nothing in the "standard size" selection window. What gives?

Thanks in advance.


Melvin Davidson
05-23-2000, 11:55 AM

I also had the same problem.

1st, make sure you have all the corresponding
ddd, .ddm, .ddx, .fpt & .mdx for A_shared.dbf

2nd, make sure Private path is set correctly.
Check View, Setting..., Directories

Finally, Try running maintenance on the pertinent

Good luck,

Rick Butler
05-23-2000, 02:17 PM
Thanks, Melvin.

The problem was the shared directory was set to C:windows. Changed it to c:A5 and all is well. Strange that I've changed computers before and did not have that happen, only on my 2 Win98SE machines. Anyway, thanks again.