View Full Version : Backing Up Data - doesn't fit


Elisa Pollard
04-22-2000, 12:06 PM
I've recently started working for a girls camp that uses this database to store alumnae addresses. I've successfully backed up the files before, but after recently adding numerous records to the database I was unable to do a back up. All the data didn't fit on one disk and I was not given an option to add another disk. Any suggestions?

Melvin Davidson
04-24-2000, 08:07 AM

I'm guessing when you say "All the data didn't fit on one disk" you are referring to a floppy disk.

There are three work arounds to this problem.

The preferred way would be to back up to a tape drive.
They are relatively inexpensive, and actually more reliable than floppy disk.

The second way is to use the Windows BACKUP utility to copy the file to multiple disks.

The third way is to download a free utility such as WinZip, then back up to a separate directory and use
WinZip to "compress" the file to a size that will fit. Of course, the file will probably continue to grow in size and even the compressed version may eventually not fit.

Hope that helps.