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Steve Workings
04-10-2000, 08:00 PM
Alpha Five Class in Washington DC

Robert Tishkevich and I will be teaching an Alpha Five class in downtown Washington, DC on May 15 and 16th.

This is a course for beginner and intermediate users of Alpha Five version 4. We will cover basic database and relational theory, showing you how to utilize the power of Alpha Five to meet your specific needs without writing a single line of code. Although this is not a class for programmers, we will show you how to utilize Alpha's Xbasic programming language to enhance the quality, performance, and user interface of your database applications.

I have taught more than 50 Alpha classes over my career, many of them with Robert. The class format will be a general lecture and presentation with adequate time allotted for personal attention and one-on-one problem solving. Although it is not required or necessary, you are encouraged to bring your laptops so you can practice individual exercises at your own pace.

The Cost is $325 for both days or $200 for one day.

For more information, email me at steve@workings.com or feel free to call me at 304-263-8894.

04-11-2000, 03:05 PM
For those of you who might not know Steve Workings, he is (in my opinion) the premier Alpha Five programmer. He has been making a living with Alpha Software for years. His client roster includes National Geographic, the White House, a host of corporations and governmental agencies. He knows more about clear user interface than all of Microsoft's legions, and from time to time I have been able to peek into his personal bag of programming tricks and never, ever failed to come away enriched. In addition, he's an entertaining and well organized speaker. If you can make it to Washington you will not be disappointed!!
- Peter Wayne

Gary Phillips
04-13-2000, 08:12 AM
I just wanted to reccommend to anyone that can get to this class, do it!
Steve has worked on a application for me which I believe is the largest
and most complex of any developed in A5. It truly test the capabilities
of A5 but more importantly shows Steve's ability to stretch A5 beyond it's boundries. In the year's I have known Steve I have found him to be very
generous with sharing his knowledge of first A4 now A5. and he does it
in simple terms that even I understand. I am certain if you attend you
will go away well informed and entertained