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Lynda Huddleston
03-23-2005, 07:47 AM
I have created an AR payment module, that goes over and grabs all outstanding receivables and copies to a "temp" payment folder. Then I made a set that is ARChecksTemp - Temppymts. When you enter a check header for a customer, all receivables for that customer number then show in the browse on the form and by selecting "YES" on the receivables line it marks for payment and marks it with the check date, method type and reference #. Then when all checks are entered - POSTING sends the receivable payments "marked" to a permanant folder for payments, posts a copy of the check total to the AR Checks table, and posts the amounts to the actual receivables and clears them. All this works great, except I now have a client that will get several checks from one customer in a single deposit. Because the set is linked by "Cust#" multiple check headers can't be created for a single customer. There are also times when one customer sends one check to pay on several different accounts.

Anyone built a module that allows for several checks from a single customer in one deposit or the ability to split a check to several accounts. If so, would you mind pointing me in the direction you went to accomodate this need.

Thanks again, Lynda

Romy Huang
03-23-2005, 09:21 AM
one check to pay several account, you could do this:

build a form that you can enter cust#:
1) search for cust# in invoices,
2) loop through the invoices, if check amount " one invoice amount, put the invoice amount in invoice payment,
check_amount=check_amount- invoice amount
3) loop through 2 until the check amount = 0

Romy Huang
03-23-2005, 09:23 AM
In my invoice application, I put three check number(max), amount, payment date.

Lynda Huddleston
03-23-2005, 10:12 AM
Are you saying in the ChecksTemp Header, put three check ref, amount fields?

How would you then flag each line item to a check. In the set the outstanding receivables have a "Full" pymt field, or a manually entered amount field. When selecting "YES" under Full or typing in an amount, the field rules then recalculate (ref # does a lookupc(checkheader,custno,custno,reference) and fills in the above check ref #, same with method and date....

Then when it posts to a permanant payment log, I can see what items each check has paid (now hooked by ref#).

If I have three fields in the check header for three check entries - how does the item know which one to fill in on the line item?
Thanks again for the help...

Romy Huang
03-23-2005, 10:41 AM
I have a application invoice. One invoice(for one cust#) has several line items, and total amount for total items. Put three check ref#s in one invoice. You can manual enter in the check ref# and amount in the invoice form.
2) automatically enter: you can create a form ask user to enter cust#, have several check ref#s, amount #s and a button. On the button push event, you can look for the invoices for the cust#, put check ref# and amount to three check ref#. and amount of invoice table.

For example:
Customer #234 pay four check #1 $100.00, #2 $200.00, #3 $300.00, #4 $400.00.

1) search for Customer#234.
2) found 3 invoice:
a) #1 340.98
b) #2 456.34
c) #3 435.89
3) put check ref#1 to inv#1's check_1, 240.98 left. put ref#2 to inv#1 check_2, put ref#3 to inv#1 check_3. ref#3 still has $259.02, put to inv#2... until total check was filled.

john linley
07-23-2008, 07:38 AM

I have structured a separate set for accomplishing the same task. As starters, an invoicing routine automatically posts to a separate table "customer sales", the basic components of a sales table contains the fields (( cust id; invc #; invc date; invc amount; paid,yes or no )). Assume the paid yes or no field is a character field of 1
and "P" = paid and "U" = unpaid. All new entries invoiced are automatically marked as "U".

I have a regular set "ac receiv" linking customers to customer sales by Customer ID

Another set links customers to deposits by customer id; deposits to customer sales
by check number and customers to sales by customer id, using the filter "paid yes or no = "U"

At the top of the screen is whatever customer data you need to display. I keep it vey basic.
The table displays on the left all deposits from a single customer. The table on the right is all of the invoices paid with a single check. As you scroll down the deposit table, the specific invoices paid by that check are displayed. Logical calc fields display the total of invoices paid and should equal the check amount. A separate logical field displays zero if they match or any difference if they do not.

In this same set, I have linked customer sales as a third table using the filter "U"

This table lists all unpaid customer invoices.

If you post a new customer check payment in the deposit table, you can then mark the invoices in the unpaid customer sales table on the bottom. Logical calc fields can summarize the amount being posted and should equal the amount of the check when done. You can also convert the "U" to "P" at the end of the postings.

Will this arrangement help,

John Linley