View Full Version : 2 reports on 1 page


03-17-2005, 11:18 AM
Has anyone printed 2 separate report layouts on 1 page... What i am trying to create is a summary report that is always only 1 page. The problem is that each can be printed on just 1/2 a page each. The 2 report layouts use completely separate dbf files. Essentially, they are 2 completely separate reports that I like to print on 1 page. Is there a way to say the page is 4.25 x 11 and have the report NOT EJECT the page and start the next report right after.

I tried this a bit but couldn't find a solution. It is imperative that I print both the layouts on one page.

I know that I can create an elaborate temporary dbf file and print off of that but that involves a lot of work.

All suggestions will be greatly appreciated.