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Allen Breen
03-16-2005, 09:22 AM
I have created a very simple database to store a listing of titles of movies that are on DVD and VHS. I created 2 Radio Dialogs and followed the step by step procedure from the PACE Alpha 5.5 level 2 pages 183-205. The Buttons are as follows. Sort by: DVD; and Sort by:VHS. The other Radio Dialog buttons are: Preview" ALL Media Titles; DVD Media Titles; VHS Media Titles. The problem is if I press the action button and it opens up one of the Radio Button Dialog, when I select "Cancel" it runs the operation any way. If I open the Radio Button Dialog for previewing a report, and select "Cancel" with or without selecting one of the options, it runs the preview report anyway.

I have played around with this for about three days to try to figure it out, even doing the Radio Button Dialogs from scratch several times and come up with the same results.

As a side note. I don't understand XBasic and do everything in Action Script. I search this message board to see if there is anyone with the same problem but didn't see any.

Thank you in advance
Allen Breen

Stan Mathews
03-16-2005, 10:05 AM
From the please read before posting...

The more detail you provide about your problem or question, the more likely someone is to understand your request and be able to help. "b"A sample table with a minimum of
records (and its support files, zipped together) will make it much easier to diagnose issues"/b" with lookups, Xdialogs, etc. Screen shots of error messages are especially helpful.

It would be so much easier to see what might be wrong with your buttons if we could just see how they are designed to operate.

Cheryl Lemire
03-16-2005, 11:35 AM

Stan is correct. We would really need to see the code generated behind the buttons in order to accurately assist you. You mention using action scripting. I would take a guess that what has happened is that there is no 'action' programmed for when the user selects the cancel button.

You would need to convert the action script to xbasic and then add additional code to tell it what you want to do when the user clicks the cancel button, like close the dialog and do nothing.

Good luck

Tom Henkel
03-17-2005, 04:28 AM

You need to make a conditional action that fires on the "UI_CANCEL". This action should be to "stop execution".


Allen Breen
03-17-2005, 08:47 AM
Here is the Home Inventory.ZIP file. the only thing I have really been working on is the Media Inventory DBF.
I don't do these databases except for my home use only, so I am not at all well versed in these things. I only pick up bits and pieces from wherever I can for the project that I happen to be working on for myself. So any corrections and responeses that are explained to me will have to be in real easy to understand terms. That is why I prefer the Action Scripts because I can compare them. Xdialog is Greek to me.
Thanks again for your help and imput.

Lynda Huddleston
04-25-2005, 01:12 PM
I have had the same issues. I created an append feature in operations with date willing with an "ask variable" for the date field.

If they select Cancel when the variable box opens, it appends anyway, it just leaves the date field blank. I have a lot of these features where it asks for some type of filter ask variable, and I am finding that Cancel rarely works.

Here is what I have: Operation - Update
Filter: STATUS="Closed".and.POSTMARK=.t.

INVOICEDATE Var-"askD_Date_to_Post_To
STATUS "Invoiced"

The button that runs this, is

'Run an Operation that was previously defined.
query.filter = ""
query.order = ""
DIM operation_name as c
operation_name = "Sls - POST Sales SLC"
If operation_name "" "" then

Do I put a command in the button script that says if the var-ask date is empty, or cancel is pushed, stop. Or is there a way to specify this in the Operation?

Tom Cone Jr
04-26-2005, 01:43 AM

I think maybe it's time for you to graduate to regular variables in order to gain the control you need. Yes, your script should prompt for the variable, and if the string returned by the user is empty you need to END the script. As others have noted for you elsewhere the CANCEL button on the ask_var dialog simply cancels input from the user. This works correctly. It was never intended to terminate the running script. -- tom