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Richard Lillibridge
03-02-2005, 03:53 PM
Having trouble with a simple report.

The dbs has a list of names and dates. .. ok simple..
Looking to create report with a date (between) query.. done

The report needs to list only one name list but the total number of times the name was in the dbs for the query.
ie db 1/1/05 test, 1/1/05 test, 1/2/05, testing

ie report report 1/1/05 - 1/30/05
test 2
testing 1
total 3
Simple -- but having great trouble

Stan Mathews
03-03-2005, 04:40 AM
Take a look at the help files for "Grouping Related Records". Once you have the name group you can put the name in the group header so it will only print once.

Then create some calculated fields like (using your fieldname which stores the text)...

istest defined as if(fieldname = "test",1,0)
istesting defined as if(fieldname = "testing",1,0)

Also place these fields in the group header specifying "total" in the summary field genie.

Now define a calculated field (substitute the actual calculated field names generated by Alpha in the step above for the ones suggested below

ttl defined as calc-"total(calc-"istest,grp-"name)+calc-"total(calc-"istesting,grp-"name)

Place this calculated in the group header and eliminate the detail section of the report.

Would be much easier to demonstrate than describe but you didn't attach a sample of your table as suggested in the "Please read befor posting" message.