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02-14-2005, 12:55 PM
I have a form and a report defined for Statements2004.set. When I create the shadow databases on 4 other computers, the form loads and functions fine. When use the print button created to Print Current Record the application cannot find the report. It is looking for it at:

Print Statement@c:\documents and settings\all users\documents\a5seashore\statements2004.set

This is the correct location. When I go into design mode for each shadow database and tab through the action settings for the print button then save the form with the button, the reports print just fine.

Each time I change the master application and refresh the shadow databases on 4 other workstations, I must manually reset the print buttons on each shadow workstation.

My only clue as to why this is a problem is that I checked the report definiton box to "Only Show Layouts for Current Table or Set". If I don't check this box in the report definition, I don't get the option to "Print Current Record Only."

Any Ideas??

Tom Cone Jr
02-14-2005, 04:48 PM
How are you creating the shadows on the 4 workstations?

How are you refreshing the shadows on the 4 workstations?

It sounds as though the workstations are all running the development version. Is that right? If not, describe how you're updating the print button script on each workstation?

-- tom

02-15-2005, 08:53 AM

On the Master PC I run Network Optimize. It creates a shadow in c:\Program Files\A5V5\shadow\A5seashore

On the other 4 PCs I run Refresh Shadow and have a shortcut to c:\Program Files\A5V5\shadow\A5seashore

I've been running this setup since October 2003. It's been working just fine. Statements2004.set and Statements2005.set are new sets I recently created to separate owner files for each year. When I created these sets I created a form and a report for each. The form works fine on the shadow PCs, the report cannot be found on the shadow PCs. All other functions (forms and reports) that were working throughout the last 18 months are still working fine on the shadow PCs. Somehow I think it is tied to checking the box that says "ONLY SHOW LAYOUTS FOR CURRENT TABLE" on the Action Script.

One other item has changed during the installation of these two new sets. We upgraded the OS on all PCs from XP Home to XP Pro. However, it's only the reports associated with these two sets that is not available on the shadows.

To get to your other question. I can make this Print button function on each shadow by pulling up the form that contains the button. I go to design mode on the form. I go to the Events for the Print Button. I tab through the Action Script for Print a Layout. I save the Form and VOILA!! the Print button works just fine. I do this on each shadow and I'm back in business.

Your thoughts are appreciated. Deb

Tom Cone Jr
02-15-2005, 09:06 AM
Your setup puzzles me.

If the master is the server, there's no reason to network optimize the database to create a shadow copy on that same master machine.

Is this what you're doing?

Next question. On the other workstations are you running the development version or the runtime version of Alpha Five? If it's the runtime how are you opening and rebuilding action scripts?

It would help me if you explained your process again, but this time whenever you mention a drive and folder furnish the machine name or description, too.

-- tom

02-16-2005, 09:51 AM

I only do changes to software in the office at night or on Sundays when the business is closed. I am sending this note to you from home -- not the business that is running the LAN so I may not be able to give you every single detail you want. But here's my best shot at describing the environment.

All 5 computers on the LAN have copies of the FULL version of Alpha5 Version5 loaded. I did not purchase Runtime versions.

The Master PC is called the File Server. It contains all data for Alpha5, Quicken, Excel, Word Perfect,... whatever applications exist in this business environment.

The File Server is also the place where all Alpha5 application software is stored for A5seashore. That is the only Alpha5 application running. When I upgraded from Alpha4 to Alpha5 in October 2003 I read about improving response time on a LAN using network optimization. My impression is that all forms, reports,... are stored on the LAN PCs in a shadow database yet the data used on the LAN is still on the file server. Right??

If I make a change to a screen on the file server, I do refresh shadow on the other 4 PCs to make that change available to them. Right? If it's important the other 4 PCs are called front-desk, back-desk, resdesk-1, and resdesk-2. The file server is called reception. If I use windows explorer on each PC I find c:\program files\A5V5\shadow\a5seashore. I do not have a short cut to this path in the "file server" but I do have a short cut to this path on the other 4 PCs. We just run the master version on the file server (but a shadow database does exist there because I was trying to troubleshoot this problem). By the way, the shadow database on the file server can find these reports. It's only the other 4 PCs that cannot. Same goes for my laptop which I also use for development and testing. No trouble finding the reports in the development path or the shadow path.

Wow, bet that's more info than you wanted. I keep going back to the fact that all forms and reports are available on all the shadows except the 2 reports where I checked ONLY SHOW LAYOUTS FOR CURRENT TABLE. I chose this because it's the only way I get the option to PRINT CURRENT RECORD in the events for the print button.

But maybe I am missing something very simple and basic with the definition and use of shadow databases. Thought I was doing it correctly for the past 18 months. FYI, I use the tools menu and refresh shadow option on each PC when I have changed something in the master A5seashore application.

Thanks again for the time you are taking on this item.

Raymond Lyons
02-16-2005, 07:49 PM

I think you have eveything right!

My hypothesis is that Refresh Shadow in v5 does not work correctly (I know darned well that the auto Refresh does not work).

Try this on a workstation: Instead of refresh shadow, open the database on your "server" drive instead. Then do a Network Optimize, as if the shadow did not already exist. It will ask if you want ot overwrite the existing shadow. Say Yes.

If this fixes your problem, you know that you can't trust Refresh Shadow in v5, just as you can't trust the auto refresh. Almost enough reason to upgrade to v6!

Let us know how this test comes out.

Ray lyons

Tom Cone Jr
02-17-2005, 12:54 AM
Ray, I think you've made a good suggestion here. thanks. One qualification occurs to me. The database on the server should be opened by the local workstation using the local copy of Alpha Five. i.e. load A5 locally, use File | Open Database to open the database on the server, then do the network optimize.

-- tom

02-17-2005, 09:52 AM

I've tried your approach because there was an occasion where just running refresh shadow did not update some form changes I made. So I did a network optimization on the server and then refreshed to other PCs. The form changes occured as I wanted them. These 2 reports are still not functioning on the shadows without me physically walking through the action script on each shadow PC.

I really appreciate your thoughts on this.

02-17-2005, 09:59 AM

I think I tried this approach as well with no luck for these two reports. Please keep in mind that all other forms and reports are shadowing just fine. I'll try this again when I can get some development time at this office. But I will be out of town for the next week. Thanks for your time.

One other question. Where do I find what it takes to upgrade from Alpha5V5 to Alpha5V6 and how many have done so? Is V6 a "friendlier" version of Alpha5? Deb

Raymond Lyons
02-17-2005, 10:59 AM
""I did a network optimization on the server and then refreshed to other PCs.""

Given that you used the word "refreshed" in the above, I am not sure you actually tried what I was suggesting. That is, as Tom says, on each workstation load the local copy of A5. Then browse to the your "server" and open the database (not the shadow on your local machine). Now when yo go to Tools on the menu "Refresh Shadow" is not even an option. Instead do a a Network Optimize as if it had never been done before, overwriting the old one. I will be very suprised if this does not take care of your problem.

But if it does not, I suggest you zip up your database and let us take a look at it.

As for moving to v6, I think there is an upgrade special price going on right now, like $199 for a single full version (which actually gives you 2, and the others can be runtimes, which should be less costly). One big advantage of v6 is that the Network Optimzie stuff has been completly redone and as far as I know it all works now--something that can't be said for v5. Another big advantage is that if you run into something that is in fact a bug, they just might fix it, something that, unfortunately, will never happen any more with v5.