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Ron Elliott
01-29-2005, 01:55 PM
Has anyone had any luck in using the QuickSortMultiFld() function in Xbasic? What I want to do is to provide the table and field(s) that appear in the pop-up window that is displayed when you select Query/Multi-Field Sort from the Menu bar and place them in a script attached to a button on a form. Right now, I have to re-select the table and fields each time I want to do the sort. I could not find any reference to this function in the Xbasic Reference manual. I tried using Script Recorder but it did not give me any information on what Alpha Five was doing behind the scenes. Has anyone tried to do this?

Stan Mathews
01-31-2005, 04:34 AM
The method doesn't seem to accept parameters.


The "OBJECT".QUICKSORTMULTIFLD() method applies to:

Browses (for "OBJECT" use either the "BROWSE" pointer or the name of the browse)

Forms (for "OBJECT" use either the "FORM" pointer or the name of the form)

The "OBJECT".QUICKSORTMULTIFLD() method displays the Custom Sort dialog box.


dim ptr as P
ptr = form.view("Customer Information")

See Also

Form Functions and Methods, Browse Functions and Methods

Supported By

Alpha Five Version 5 and Above