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Dave Mac Callum
01-21-2005, 07:55 PM
Hi Stan,

Thanks for your reply. Works in form / ondepart as you suggested.

In the Cash Book I have a Record Event which balances the amount in the Balance field. If you amend any Net Amount you will see the result.

I have imported this data from a legacy system & as you see, the data is already in place.

I need all the existing Cash book.Transact fields to be zero filled.

I added some code, based on your padl command, to the Record Event to zero-fill as the comments in the code highlilght.
' Seems a bit clumsy to add code here for a one-time
' function ?

Is there a better way of doing something like this, instead of adding code to a existing Record Event; running once; and then removing the code from the Record Event

Let's assume that I had a dozen such one-time functions to perform on a table. I only have a single Record Event for the Cash-Book table.

Hope this is explained clearly enough.


Dave Mac

Stan Mathews
01-22-2005, 06:58 AM
You can design an update operation for a table, all or selected records, and perform any valid manipulation of a field or fields.

IOW you could have an update operation which replaced the value in the transact field in each record with the zero padded value. The same update operation could have a step defined which capitalized a different character field, divided a number field by 100, inverted a logical field, etc.