View Full Version : Conditional mask error


Pat Bremkamp
02-15-2004, 08:25 PM
This may be old news, but I have been chasing an error message for some time and finally figured it out. When I opened a form, I got a message that there were two errors...look in the trace window.

When I first started structuring my program, I put a conditional mask on the zip code in field rules. Later, I decided that I didn't need it, and changed the drop down box to "No Mask". But, the error said there was an error in the conditional mask! So, I had to put the conditional mask back, delete the entries, then set it back to No Mask.

It appears that changing the drop down box does not delete the entries on many of the field rules, and those old entries can be detected as errors...

So, I've learned to delete the entries myself before changing choices!