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John Guy
08-02-2002, 03:23 PM
2 Aug 2002


Has anyone had any experince with sending an email directly from a5v5 with a bad address? It seems that it goes to la-la land with no notification or return that it was a bad address.

If so, this is a serious flaw, in my opinion.

Your comments will be most appreciated.

Houston, TX

Selwyn Rabins
08-02-2002, 03:39 PM
when you send an email from a5, using the a5v5 email client, it is no different than sending the email form your regular default client.

if you send the email to bad address then when you check your email you will receive the bounce notification.

so, if you send email using the av5v client, and subsequently check email using (say) Outlook, you Outlook inbox will have a message saying that the email was undeliverable.

this has NOTHING TO DO WITH A5V5. it is a function of the pop mailserver that you use.

there is no "flaw" in the way a5v5 sends email.

John Guy
08-05-2002, 05:27 AM
5 Aug 2002


Thank you for your prompt response. I will pass this info on to another A5 user who was discussing this issue with me. Likewise, I will try a couple of emails with a "bad address" to make sure I understand the process.

Have a great day!
Houston, Tx