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07-28-2002, 02:27 PM
I have found several (minor?) bugs in working with Version 5 for just a short time. I like the new features, but I think I will stick with 4.5 until the kinks are worked out. Some problems:
1) In a browse the CRL C (copy) and Ctrl V (paste functions don't work.
2) The auto increment rule, which was working fine before, jumped to one already existing higher record. Even when I deleted this record, it still would not return to the orginal sequence. I also tried to enter a starting default value as suggested in the field rules, but that did not work.
3) When quick sorting on a column in an imbedded browse, the sort works, but then when you put the pointer in the browse, all but the last record disappears. When you page up, the records are not sorted any more (not even in the order specified in the browse properties).
4) When I tried to close a form, I got an "Unhandled exception" error, and A5 shut down.
5) My downloaded copy of A5V5 was missing the a_lauch database, causing some operations not to work.

I do like A5, but I am not ready for all the extra trouble of many bugs.

Richard Urban

07-28-2002, 03:50 PM

Where's your sense of adventure? ~(:>} Using any software right out of the shut is like driving down a Minnesota street in the spring time. Let's play dodge the potholes or w/v5, let's play find the bugs. There's simply tooooooo many neat things in v5 for me to wait until most of the bugs are found.

No doubt, Selwyn appreciates your eforts. Selwyn, how about ofering rewards for finding the bugs such as, a tip or trick using v5 posted in the Tips section?


Selwyn Rabins
07-28-2002, 05:55 PM
There are certainly bugs in any new software that is released, and when they are pointed out to us, we have agressively addressed them.

however, i can't agree with your list at all (if you want to call the missing A_launch.dbf file a bug, I'll grant you that one.)

1. ctrl c and ctrl v, notwithstanding your comment to contrary, DO work properly in browse. I have just confirmed this on four different machines. if you have a repeatable instance of them not working, then please send me the files.

2. the auto-increment is working fine. i would need to see you data to see why it did not work in your particular case. perhaps you have a corrupt index. there has been a change in the way auto-increment values are computed.
a5 now uses an index on the field. in v4, a5 did not build an index on the increment field.

3. i can't repeat any problem with sorting embedded browses. it works fine for me. to demonstrate, simply open the Invoice form in AlphaSports.
click in the embedded browse on the quantity field, right click and select ascending sort. that works. clicking in
(you can't sort on the description field because that field is actually the part number field. it is a coded lookup field - a new v5 feature.
it shows description, but internally it stores part number).

4. if you got an unhandled exception once when closing a form, there could be any number of reasons. the real issue is whether you
get this repeatedly every time you close a form. I am not.

5. true. a_launch was accidentally ommitted from the install file. i am sorry about that.

russ Boehle
07-29-2002, 05:26 PM
Coded lookup fields sound neat! Index on autoincrement? I'm looking forward to the documentation. By the way kudos to you and Brendan and anyone else working on the documentation. What I've read so far has really been excellent. It actually seems that you have got better documentation than that with A4v6 which everyone agrees was excellent. The Learning Xbasic format is great. It prints much better than the old format on letter paper.
Great job, keep it coming -- I actually read this stuff.(As do many others I'm sure)


07-29-2002, 06:44 PM
The Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V work well in a regular browse but they don't work well in an embedded browse.

In an embedded browse you are basically forced to use the mouse.

08-08-2002, 09:58 AM
Regarding the auto-increment:
I want to be able to increment from the last record value, which may or may not be greater than the last value in the index A5V5 creates, which I don't want. Also, the help says that I can overwrite the value it thinks I want, and then it will continue from my new value. That is not true. It will not let me overwrite the value it thinks I want. I loved this feature in A4 and I learned to live with it in A5V4 by turning the feature off and setting a new value with a new record, and then turning it back on. It was a pain to do it that way, but it did work.

Otherwise, I am impressed with the new program. I probably won't be able to convert everything to it until a fix is found for the auto-increment feature.

Peggy Kelton