View Full Version : Alpha Five users in Texas (Houston, etc.)


John Guy
07-26-2002, 08:26 AM
26 July 2002


I am in Houston, TX and I have had a5v5 for a week. I would be most interested to get together with other users to go over the many features of a5v5.

I am most interested in using the email features and to use a5v5 to work with Oracle data bases.

Thank you and feel free to call me directly to 281-579-4546 or email at jguy@mbakercorp.com

Have a great day,

07-26-2002, 09:12 AM
Hi John,
I would like to get together with you and other interested A5V5 persons. For several years I was involved with the HAL-PC Special Interest Group for Alpha, led capably by Jo K Horan. Because of lack of interest, the SIG was dropped. I found it very helpful. If we could generate some new interest, perhaps we could get it started again.
You can call me at 713-747-2833 or email.
Wallace Honeywell