View Full Version : Recreate the shortcut to run your A5 application


brett s
03-13-2006, 12:10 AM
Stumped trying to recreate the correct shortcut syntax for your A5 application after it has been inadvertently deleted from the Windows desktop? Or perhaps you have started up your application for the first time and realize the current desktop shortcut is incorrect. Here's a solution that may help.

I have created an Alpha Five global script function 'MakeAppShortcutSyntax()' that creates this syntax for you, including splash screens, title bar icons and titles. All you do is import the text file here into the code tab section of your Alpha Five application's control panel. Full documentation is included or you can check it out by reading the supplied text file directly.

This function does not actually create the shortcut, we can't yet do that in Alpha Five version 7. But it can create the correct shortcut syntax and place it on the Windows clipboard for you. From there it is a simple matter to create a desktop shortcut to run your application (right click, New, Shortcut... etc.)

brett s
03-19-2006, 02:49 AM
Oh, just one thing that has come up in testing. It appears there is an upper limit imposed by Windows of 260 characters in a shortcut string. So if you have particularly long paths with your file names you may run into this limit and find your shortcut string truncated after character 260.