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04-12-2006, 09:59 PM
I embarrassed to say it's taken me this long to convert from A4 to A5.

I am in the process of recreating my forms, reports, etc. and have even managed to create a few scripts that work. I'm doing all this on my computer at home. So, far I've only worked with one A4 database, but I have several that I use, mostly for lookups in forms.

At the office, all these files will be on the server. I haven't created any lookups in my forms because I don't know how the drive paths will convert over. I understand that all my old A4 databases will become A5 tables, but when I copy the whole thing over to the network, will the locations of the lookup tables be changed to reference the server path instead of my local drive's path? I know this was always a problem with A4. And when I create a script that opens a database, will I have to change all the paths when I move everything to the server? Is my best bet to back everything on my local drive up and then restore it to the server?

Also, I have records in all the databases, but it's not the current data. When I convert everything over, I was going to empty all the tables and append the latest data from the A4 databases that are on the server now and then move them all to an archive directory. Is this the smartest way to get the data in there?

Thanks for your help.


Tom Cone Jr
04-13-2006, 06:36 PM
Linda, you've asked a handful of good questions. I'll tackle one. In Alpha Five put all your tables in the same folder with your database dictionaries. The database dictionaries are the files that bear your database name and have filename extensions that begin with the letter "A". When you're ready to move things from your development machine to the server, just copy the entire database folder to an empty folder on the server. The database folder becomes a default folder that Alpha Five will check first whenever you run a script that tells it to open a table. By having everything in one folder you will not have pathing issues. If you move tables to subfolders or to different folders, the same is not always true. So, keep everything in one folder.

-- tom

04-14-2006, 12:30 PM
Thanks. So far, so good. I have everything in a folder called A5. When I'm done, I'll just copy the whole folder onto the root directory of the server. I managed to lock myself out of my own application this morning by trying to get fancy and hiding the control panel on my start up form. This is certainly a learning process.