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10-24-2006, 02:36 AM
OK I made this humongous flat sort of table with every kind of imaginable field in it. Now I need to normalize the thing but get the results as easily as if it were one table. My question is just how deep do you go in the process.
I have an entire family tree as well as will assignments I can see clearly a one to many relationship here as family members can wear many hats in the assignments but the assignments only have one person at a time unless they are shared which would be designated as a co-assignment. My question is if I have fields like child1, child2 ---to Child8 the same for grandchildren that include things like birth date, age, SSN as well as text features depending on the gender field his/her him/her he/she. Should I make a separate table just for children or another for boys and then girls? I need to count boys and girls and all the children as well. Which is tricky when I want to update them. But my question is about normalizing and I see that I have a big mess with what I have got eventhough it more or less completes its mission.
How do I get from the individual records only the fields that have been assigned in the process into a single table? Result table. This is important because I need to make a merge to a wordprocessor. I haven't figured out if Alpha can generate an index on a report which is a whole different issue. So I am still looking at merging through a wordprocessor to print and modify the wills.

Any insights or help with this would be immensely appreciated
Sincerely George R. Kenney

Stan Mathews
10-24-2006, 08:40 AM
There is much information available about database normalization and the steps needed to move from one stage to the next. It is impossible to comment on what you need to do based on the information you have provided. Many of the decisions are based on the redesign and reworking you are willing to do for the benefits that will result.

I can point you to an article on report index generation (http://www.learnalpha.com/WordProcChallenge/WordProcChallenge.htm).

10-24-2006, 01:22 PM
Thanks for responding and pointing me to the Index article it is a jewl.
I was actually reffering to the kind of index that is created in a word processor for a long document that has many clauses. This is done like a table of contense where book marks are placed so that those headings and pages are printed out. on to a page at the front of your document. So you know where the articles are. If conditional paragraphs come in or not as well as simply changing the length of a paragraph the references in a pasted in TOC or what I called index will change. This feature is making it difficult to just use Alpha´s report writter. Since I don´t have a clue as to how to generate such a thing inside the report writer. Anyway, I need to do a lot of homework. I have been scanningthe net for the basic concepts and see referrences such as www.geekgirls.com which really gives a plain english Idea of normalization. I started looking at the Idea of databasedesign and found things like www.databaseanswers.com. I am convinced that I need to
get the structure of my database correct as afterwards it is too late.
Anyway, Thanks
Sincerely George R. Kenney