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12-31-2006, 08:09 PM

I am using Alpha sports as a starting place so i have everything working to start with and it is.

Here is what i need help with.
I am running the Alpha 8 Preview right now. I have pre-paid for the 8

#1 How can i resave Alpha sports under another name for the name i want to use i see no way to do this?.

#2 from the customer Information Form i want to have a button that will go to another Form to let me pick a jop type and then that takes me to that Job type form and it will have the form filled in with all the information that i want from that customers information form that was selected in the customer form.
How do i do that?

I then want to add in more information areas in this new form that will be tied to this customer.

Fill in new customer information form
Click on button that takes you to a Job Type form.
Pick a job type by clicking on a button then it takes you to the
Job form like Video Production job form
I need some of the customer info to show up allready in the Video Production job form but now i enter in all the information about the job we will do for this customer. Like job date, how many hours, special package they get, amount of package and amoint of any extras and so on.

I need the products and the cost amounts to also work as a invoice so i can print a invoice from all this.

I also need to be able to take a part payment and have the invoice show the balance still due and have a enter payment area for this customer so when thay make payments it will track the money paid and print a new invoice showing the new amount due and what was paid???

I am not sure how to even start on all this.

I then also need a button i have in place that will from the customer information form take me to a customer summery so i can see at any time what this customer has ordered and what is still due $$.

It needs to work in a way that a customer can order different times over time and add in more different kinds of jobs and or items and it is all tracked to this customers and will show up in the customer summery form.

I am not sure i am going about this the right way so any help would be great

Thank you much..

And Happy New Year.
I hope this will be the year I use Alpha for some great things..

01-01-2007, 03:28 AM
Ten Views and no help

I am stuck

I can not make the customer information connect with the other forms i have made.???

Tom Cone Jr
01-01-2007, 08:25 AM
Ed, your post asks a series of questions which are open ended and general. You may get a better response if you try to limit a new topic to a single specific issue. The more detailed (specific) the better.

A typical approach to passing information to a new form would be to write a script for the OnPush button in the "calling" form. You can do this in xbasic or with action scripting. The script would accomplish the following tasks:

a) open the "called" form, but leave it hidden
b) set the desired position of the record pointer in the called form
c) set the desired index order in the called form
d) get field values from the calling form (the ones you want to pass to the called form)
e) set (assign) those field values to the pertinent fields in the called form
f) show the called form to the user

If you want to see simple examples of this using xbasic check the topic in the Code Archive forum for passing values between forms.

Hope this helps get you started.

Happy New Year.

--- tom

Stan Mathews
01-01-2007, 01:16 PM
#1 How can i resave Alpha sports under another name for the name i want to use i see no way to do this? You would likely have received more responses if your post was in one of the Alpha version forums rather than the general database design forum.

Database Design Forum for questions about general database design. Specific questions related to Alpha Five should be placed in the appropriate Alpha Five forum.

You don't save a database in a different location under a different name. You can copy the AlphaSports database directory to another location (in windows explorer) and rename it to whatever you like. Renaming a database. (http://support.alphasoftware.com/alphafivehelp/User_Manual/Renaming_and_Deleting_Databases.htm)