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Mike Wilson
02-04-2007, 03:24 PM
This might better fit in General v7, but I placed it here, as it seems to be a design question. I'm exhausted searching for this answer.

Could someone explain please how a user gets the correctly filtered table in in a Network environment with this situation

One Table – Staff, One Form – F_Staff.

Dick and Jane are in the system. Dick filters table- Staff to employee ‘X” . Jane filters table Staff to employee “Y” and opens the form F_Staff before Dick, who also opens F_Staff.

Does Jane’s F_Staff display Dick’s filtered table because she opened the form before Dick and the time factor, or does the system have session/user identifiers in the background that assure alignment? Does it have something to do with code being read bottom-to-top? Is this something that needs to be worried about?

What I am at endpoint wondering is whether it is needed for a network bound application to pattern events very carefully to assure there is no “stepping” on each other. In this case, is it better to pattern the filtering of the table through the open form which has the table-form session established, or can I open the table first with script, filter it, and then open the form, and be assured someone else's session has not interceeded?

Thank you.

Stan Mathews
02-04-2007, 03:45 PM
In a networked environment, each user accesses the database in their own session. Each session has no knowledge of other user's activities so long as they don't encounter tables/sets opened exclusively. The exclusive use may be deliberate or caused by one session's activities which require exclusive use such as zapping, packing, etc.

You have to consider data integrity issues such as two users accessing the same record, both editing the record, and both saving their changes. I believe the changes make by the user saving last will overwrite the first.

You can simulate this activity on one machine by creating two databases which contain the same tables, forms, etc. Both databases can be opened, normal user activities such as querying and filtering a form can take place independently of each other.

Mike Wilson
02-04-2007, 05:17 PM
Thanks Stan,
That gives some insight. I will create that scenerio of two users on my one machine, and learn some things, which makes me thankful to Alpha for allowing this.