View Full Version : Error message - "Could not re-build Addin-library.aex"


brett s
02-18-2007, 11:27 PM
I am running A5v8 1257-3055 on WinXP Pro SR2. After opening my A5 application in version 8 pro, I now get an error message whenever I open A5v7 developer's edition - see screen shot below.

No, I am not running both concurrently. I have installed both A5v7 and A5v8 to their own separate directories in the 'Programs folder' (I used the A5 installation defaults). My A5 applications also have their own folders for the A5v7 and A5v8 versions - viz. I am not sharing one application between both.

Does anyone know how to resolve this problem and eliminate the error message from A5v7?

02-19-2007, 12:31 AM

This message happens when Alpha 5 tries to "reload" the addin library after a compile of an AEX and there is another Alpha 5 instance of the same version open (because of naming/sharing in Windows, it may be all versions collectively). They both are sharing the Addins.aex file (even if on different applications) and it can not be written with the updated one while both are open. If you have just one Alpha 5 window open, it should work just fine.

brett s
02-19-2007, 01:28 AM
I realized that something was amiss when I discovered that A5v8 does not have an 'Addin_library.aex', at least not in the current version. Whereas all earlier versions of A5 do.

So it occurred to me that Windows may have an outstanding handle still open on the A5v7 addin library. I don't know why this should be but it happens to me from time to time with other A5 files.

So all I had to do was re-boot and the problem is now gone. I tried the same sequence of events and it did not cause a recurrence. So whatever the cause of the problem it now appears unrelated to A5v8.