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02-28-2007, 11:53 PM
The absolute simplest way to convert an excel file to an Alpha compatible table is
Open the file in Excel,
Examine the column names for dbf compatibility, fix any issues

Save the file as.... and change the Save As Type: under the File Name to DBF 4 (dBase IV) (*.dbf)

I followed these instructions precisely. With the file saved with the .dbf extension, it cannot be imported. The only way to get it in is to open the A5 database and Add the table via the CP.

I created a new database and tried to Add a table. The existing table with the .dbf extn is transferred from the left side to the right side. Click OK, but, no table is added. I also saved the xls file as a dBase 4 file in the folder in which I created for the new database. Still cannot add the table. The hour glass appears but the table is not added. Not sure if this is a bug. Anyone else have the same problem? I'm using the latest patch, 3059.