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03-02-2007, 09:54 AM
This is a post just for awareness in case anyone else runs into this problem. If i can isolate to a debug database and send to Alpha to check out I will, but problem seems to very specific to a physical form .... when I re-created from scratch, it is all fixed(i think).

Issue is, i have a form that has one browse on it, some nav buttons and a search button. When I open the form Top,Left of the screen, it opens ok, but when i do search, the browse doesnt refresh (and yes, I put browse.repaint() in code). Here is interesting part .... when i move form to middle or right side of screen, no problems. At first I thought it might be some of the objects on the screen overlapping each other or some kind of order thing, but after messing with moving things around for a while it was apparent, I wasnt getting it fixed. With my renewed confidence in getting browses painted properly in such cases with the object.repaint() method, I figured somehting might be corrupt. Compacted database and issue was still there. Re-built form from ground up and form works the way it should.

Any ideas of comments would be most welcome .....


Mike Wilson
03-02-2007, 10:49 AM

I figured somehting might be corrupt. Compacted database and issue was still there. Re-built form from ground up and form works the way it should.

I have run into this with action scripting and even with Xbasic several times. What I have found is that in the process of building a form that has a component of search, query or filtering of a table as you described, that the act of deleting and reconstructing the filter expressions for the involved queries or table filtering results in rectifying the problem. I run the filter action first and check in table view to see if the table is filtered by the action first, or test the filter expression in a default form to assure the expression works appropriately. If it does, it is a a viewing issue and not a filtering issue. If it is a filtering issue, I rebuild the filter that works on the form. And that means completely deleting the filter expression, saving the design, returning to the action on the Form under construct and rebuilding the filter expression through the expression builder, choosing the fields from the lists in the expression builder, and not just typing them in. If I am having an issue with proper filtering a table, I start there. It is effective often to re-synch a pointer, a variable or something that has gotten messed up. Else I just take to the challenge of writting it in Xbasic, which is how I am making the transition.

My advice... if you got it to work, with whatever you did. Don't invest an innordinate amount of time trying to dissect the subtle element that implemented the problem. Take your success thankfully and move forward. Good luck...

03-02-2007, 11:17 AM
Good advice and thanks for the feedback. This is not a show-stopper for me, but in prior posts Cian(from Alpha) has expressed the desire for people to report UI(which usually means browse) issues so that they can be fixed and we dont have to go yet another work-around. I applaud that attitude. Since the inception of v5, there have been way to many work-arounds in my opinion to get screens and browses to re-fresh properly and I think this has been one of Alphas biggest thorns. They get this solid, or at least consistent, and this product cant be beat. Inconsistencies will kill a software product from growing up ..... I believe this product and its model hits the mark where others dont even have a clue!!