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03-03-2007, 01:21 PM
Somehow during project development I have corrupted the login user accounts. I can add new users and then login, but if I try to login with any of the old user id’s I get “Login Information Incorrect”

I have been making routine backups of everything in the project folder (unless it is hidden?).

What file(s) would I need to copy to restore the users?
Should I be backing up the A5Webroot Folder also?

This is entirely a Web Based application with multiple pages, user groups, and navigation that is all working. I have a New User Account component based on the Dialogwebusers.a5cmp component. I have added several fields and use xbasic to store the added information to my own User Account table. That information is still there.

I duplicated the New User Account component and then started removing the password and security questions (to allow users to update their account information). It is possible that I forgot to delete some code in the After Validate or Activate that caused the problem.

I’m still using the Local Host. Not live yet.

03-03-2007, 04:48 PM
By the way, perhaps I have been doing this wrong. Instead of using the Tools Backup option in the control panel, I have been manually copying the whole project folder to another drive.

(I now suspect that my problem initially started because of the hidden GUID and/or hidden Groups controls in the Dialog and not in the Validate or After Validate Code).

03-05-2007, 07:46 AM
Since this is a web project issue, it should have been posted in the Application Server forum.

All web security information is saved in dedicated tables that are published with the pages, not saved with other data. The security is applied by project, and therefore must reside with the published project. If you have added or edited users on line, their information only exists in the folder where the tables were published, which is the target folder for the project pages.

The web security includes a utility to import the web data back to the local project folder. This can be accessed from the "utility" option from the Web Security menu, or from the "import/export" option in Users and Groups. Importing this data will overwrite any data in the local project, just as publishing the local data will overwrite the data on the "server"

If you want to backup the data on the server, you need to backup all files starting with "websecurity_" in the published project folder.