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05-08-2007, 09:21 AM
I was considering of buying Alpha 5, now using trial version. I was fascinated by the ease of use and straightforward approach of building database, web and desktop application. Though, I have to admit I'm not really quite understand all of its features and capabilities. I was trying to develop a website, membership based with a data-driven manageability which can only be made either using PHP or ASP. Both of which I also try not have to learn and use it, it is too complicated for non-programmer like me. But I do know of its usability in making sites like I was trying to build. I was wondering whether I can or not implement everything using only Alpha 5 for creating its web and desktop application together with its databases. Can anyone help or assist me in here? If I were to request from Alpha 5 Professional services, how much would it cost me?