View Full Version : QReportBuilder at Conference


Steve Wood
10-25-2007, 12:20 AM
I attended a conference run by "The Sleeter Group", which is the largest collection of "Pro Advisors", the certified top-notch consultants that work with QuickBooks users. Valerie and Al were also there.

About 30 of those advisors attended a training class for QReportBuilder. I can report everyone seemed to come away thinking this is a great tool for their QuickBooks users. Many of the attendees had already been using it, or QODBC, and said they thought it was very valuable.

My only contribution to the training was to give a short demo on using QReportBuilder in conjunction with a non-QuickBooks file. I created a scenario where a PBX Management System would feed a file to QReportBuilder containing Telephone Extensions (and related Employee ID), Project Codes and Telephone Call Duration. Basically, the cost of telephone calls assigned to various projects, with the projects and employees already defined in QuickBooks.

I then used QReportBuilder to combine my file with QuickBook's Employees and Items file to run a report showing Telephone Expense by Employee, or Telephone Expense by Item. The thing I was trying to point out, since these are all consultants, is that QReportBuilder is not just for QuickBooks data and it can server as a quasi-integration tool.