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03-07-2008, 07:29 AM
Are you having difficulties building your Alpha Application?

Have you downloaded the trial version and feel like you are wading through tar to get it performing in your business?

Perhaps you have an old Alpha Four Dos database, and would like to see the massive benefits it will bring to your business by rebuilding it in the latest version of Alpha Five.

Are you frustrated that a lack of a professionally designed intuitive database, matched to the way you work, is retarding your business growth and development?

Are you using older versions of Microsoft Access, Dataease, and Paradox, PFS or another database and would like to see how the power of the Alpha development engine can revolutionize it, giving you so much more?

Are you a consultant who has diligently prepared a Statement of Requirements for your client’s business and want to discover whether Alpha Five ticks all the boxes?

Perhaps you’re struggling because critical operational data is fragmented and spread across people’s desks, manual files, spreadsheets, and makes doing business longwinded and difficult.

Perhaps you are losing revenue and clients because you don’t have the right systems in place to deliver great levels of customer service

Perhaps your accounts software supplier is banging on your door asking you to upgrade to the latest release, and you’re having difficulty seeing what difference you’re going to get for your money?

Do you need a business tool built to sharpen up your day-to-day operational performance and deliver a competitive edge?

If any or some of the above apply to you, then give us a call on 01661 844864 and ask for Alex Muir

We are Database Software Solutions and our speciality is building database applications that measurably increase performance.

And when we say measurably, we mean specific quantifiable hard facts.

Like the client we replaced a people, time hungry, and tedious chore with an Alpha Five built application that saves him in excess of £30,000 a year. And it’s done this for the last three years. An £8500 investment that has returned to date in excess of £100,000!

Or another client where we dramatically eased the pressure cooker of his environment by giving him back another 21 hours a weeks.

Or the small manufacturer who has seen a 21% improvement in turnover in less than 12 months, with a zero increase in costs, because he is able to deliver his products and services faster.

And we develop exclusively in Alpha, and have done so for the last 15 years.

Having the right tool is one thing, knowing how it works is another. Knowing how it works when it’s got to function inside and outside Windows technology is only gained by experience and an unfaltering commitment to the tool itself.

Combining its strengths with a true consultative approach, that solves problems, and makes your business stronger, more competitive, and guarantees results in marked and measured ways, is priceless.

Clients of varying turnover size between £250,000 - £18 million and who employ between 4 and 350 people, rely every hour of every working day on mission critical applications we have developed in Alpha Five to get their job done efficiently, painlessly and profitably.

If you would like an informal chat on how we can do the same for your business, then please call me, Alex Muir, today on 01661 844864 or 07703 260568

Alternatively visit our web site at www.dbasesolution.co.uk and email me at alex@dbasesolution.co.uk