View Full Version : HTML memo on form


Bill Parker
03-08-2008, 02:20 PM
I really like the new HTML memo. The editor has great functionality the RTF editor lacked. But I have problems.

If html memo is in a child table, it can't be edited at all.

In parent table, can only add/edit text by opening the full editor. Probably 90% of the time I do not open the full editor when adding to a memo. Usually that is because it is a field for "call notes" or some such. So a date is added to the top of the memo and a sentance or two added. If I am searching for something I may open the full editor.

It seems to take 2 clicks of the pencil for the html editor to open. So clicking the field to get the pencil and 2 pencil clicks is 3 clicks to start editing.

When html memo get focus it automatically scrolls to bottom of memo. Lose focus and it scrolls to top. That would be a problem for me where the most recent info is at the top (so it is always visable regardless of focus).

Scrolling using the up/down arrows on form field requires 1 click for each line movement. Continual press does not work. Slider works great, but takes 2 clicks to activate.

RTF memo pops up edit toolbar as soon as the field gets focus (undesirable for me in most cases) so editing can be done with or without the full editor open.

So my wishlist for HTML memo would be
1. allow editing of html memo without having to open the full editor.

2. give developer control over display, or not, of html edit toolbar when memo field gets focus (if we can edit as #1). This could be xbasic commands. If no edit toolbar displayed then no access to rich formatting options without opening the full editor. Probably all you would have is [enter], [shift enter], automatic conversion of url to hyperlink.