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Richard Rabins
03-23-2008, 12:09 PM
Firstly Best Wishes for Easter to all of the Alpha Community reading this board!

Secondly I want to thank all of you who have posted for giving us at Alpha Software the opportunity to get instant feedback on the new licensing plans. (As an aside - think about earlier times - when the feedback mechanism for companies was either non-existent or so slow to render it effectively useles. In that sense, all of us in the Alpha community are incredibly fortunate to live in this "always-on interconnected" age!)

There have been many very worthwhile and informative viewpoints, perspectives and suggestions raised.

I would like to assure everyone - that we take this feedback very seriously and also view it as a big positive. i.e. People are clearly incredibly pasionate about Alpha Five and want Alpha to have licensing/pricing policies that continue to make it attractive to build their products and businesses around.

Give us a few days to go through all this feedback and respond in a way that I am confident will make the vast majority of our developer base feel very much at ease and also will also allow you to focus on the wonderful capabilities (yes I am biased - but this is truly an astounding product:)) that Alpha Five v9 PLATINUM brings to you, your market place, your businesses and your business plans!

Thanks very much for hearing me out.
Best Regards - Richard

-- On this topic - I would like to take note of the comment below from Dr David Volgas - a long time Alpha user who posted on one of these threads as follows

it looks like a very busy week for you guys at Alpha . At least you guys are willing to listen. It's like having the ear of the small-town mayor versus trying to talk to the federal government. It's why we are so much more comfortable with Alpha through the years.

Keep it up, but don't go crazy!
David A. Volgas, MD

03-23-2008, 12:25 PM
Thanks for that, I am gobsmacked at how fast you reacted to this at all, what with it being Easter and everything - our business has been shut since Thursday and won't re-open until Tuesday (much to my frustration as I had hoped to get the OK for WAS V9 before the weekend - I have my bosses' OK just not the MD who has to approve the use of the company card - even though my manager's department has to pay us back for it anyway! Whatever happened to things being straightforward?! ;-) ). Get some rest, Richard & the rest! :)

Richard Rabins
03-23-2008, 01:15 PM