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Mr GreenJeans
03-25-2008, 01:54 AM
I have spent a lot of time reading through all the posts. It is a comforting thought to know that as always the staff of Alpha cares so much. Id like to thank Richard and everyone else.

Now for my view of things, really just a mash up of what i read (which is funny, because I was quoted from an old post).

With the introduction of version 9 a few changes have been made. I do not discourage the new changes, in fact they seem to have sound business motives. However, as we have seen it could have affected the developer base in a simpler way.

The biggest point of contention I notice and agree with is the "per seat" requirement that is now being implemented. True this would net Alpha more money and insure they are paid for the use of the runtimes.

My point may as well be lost in the noise and emotions here, but I am placing a suggestion up for consideration. Instead of requiring a license for every "seat", return to per connection. And personally i think the OEM is a great idea, just make it connectible/upgradeable.

Here is the idea:
Offer two versions of alpha: Developer and Enterprise Developer (one has SQL access while the other doesnt)
Both versions should be able to create install packages. With options such as include runtime engine with application or only include application.
Charge nothing for the runtimes to the end user (yet). By default allow Developer editions to create runtime demos limited only by time (say 30 days), no connection limitations. But once the time is up the runtime defaults to single station/no multi-user. Then if multi-user functions are desired then allow users to be added. (One user, 3 users, 5 users, ..., 100 users) based off of connections instead of seats. Allow infinite expansion even upgrade capabilities from standard to enterprise (SQL) options. [as a side note, allow a developer to choose if the end user may add users or if the end user must go through the developer {maybe base it off of the license}]
Because the enterprise version will offer SQL functions it is logical to charge more for it.These are only a few of my thoughts...if they make sense to anyone other then me...let me know.