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Richard Rabins
04-22-2008, 06:08 PM
Blog Post
Alpha Five ... everywhere from Windows, Mac & Linux

Did you know you can indeed create and Deploy Alpha Five web apps remotely from the Web?

Virtual Private Servers (VPS's) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_private_server can double as both a machine to develop your Alpha Five web applications and a place to host your Alpha Five web applications.

Alpha Five users are an innovative group. Most of you have broadband Internet access, and some of you have already figured out that you can move your desktop Alpha Five Development Environments and other Windows programs onto your VPS's or dedicated servers.

Thanks to dramatically lower costs of dedicated hosting, and the arrival of shared VPS’s, it just got a lot easier to build and deploy Web applications with Alpha Five Platinum.

Clive Swanepoel of ZebraHost, an Alpha Five hosting partner (with VPS’s starting at $34.95 per month http://zebrahost.net/alphafivev9plans.php ), says that an increasing number of his Alpha Five customers are accessing their VPS's or dedicated servers via their Windows remote desktop connection to create their applications right on the server.

The advantage of course, is that they can access their work from any Internet connection anywhere in the world. This is particularly useful when traveling. And when you connect to the server via remote desktop connection, you're presented with the familiar Windows desktop.

This also means you can build and deploy Alpha Five Web applications from sources other than just Microsoft Windows, such as a Mac or Linux.

Plus, backups of an entire VPS or dedicated server are easy to make with the Virtuosso control panel at ZebraHost. The backups are stored on the network and are created at the click of a link. Restoring is equally as simple.

And with the world going increasingly wireless, the places you can't take Alpha is constantly shrinking. You can take us anywhere.