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04-30-2008, 07:48 PM
I'm a new user to Alpha 5 but I've been around computers for a long time.

I can't make something simple work for me.

I have a MySQL database that I'm using to feed a simple grid.

I have a field that is 10 characters (phone number).

I've figured out how to use the "display format" properties to do a mask so that the phone number shows as "000 000 0000"...and I've used the unmask in the "display unformat" to undo that masking.

All that works fine as long as you don't use field validations.

I've tried many combinations of the field validations to ensure the length is 10, only digits allowed, etc. but I still can't get it to work correctly and inform the user of input errors.

Is this not possible with a web-app & a MySQL-backed grid? Or am I just doing something stupid?

I want the field to display as "000 000 0000" but when the user updates the field, he only should have to enter 10 digits and then have the field update the MySQL table and re-display the entered number correctly.

It appears to me that the display format is applied to the field before it's passed to validation rules (which seems wrong to me) thus I get (in my example) a 12-digit field and validating against, for example, a length of 10 fails.

Any help would be appreciated because I'm about to give up.

04-30-2008, 08:16 PM
I think this should be posted in the Web section of version 9 to get more of a response....or even just to eliminate a desktop response to a web question.

And welcome to the Forums--there are a lot of users here who can help you...and will (sadly I am not one of them yet in regards to the Web Side).