View Full Version : Best way to sign off on Memos being read


Mike Wilson
12-06-2008, 06:38 PM
I would appreciate some input on the best way to handle this need.

I have an application where memos will be created and all staff have to signed off on reading them. A global login_id variable is set in a login process, and I thought I would use that for the signature. There are 125 Staff members and there will be about 2000 memos per year. I currently have it set up that there is a memo field in the memo record where the login_id is added to when the sign off event happens. I have been able to select unread records using the login_id not contained (!$) in the memo field. This works, but I am sensing this is not the most robust manner of doing this, and I am skeptical about using memo fields because of corruption issues.

I need to be able to select unread memos and not select already read memos.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

12-07-2008, 12:45 PM

It sounds like you have two memo fields: one for the actual memo and a second to store login_ids - correct? What about creating a login_id table as a child to the memo table? That table would have both memo_id & login_id. You could then query the login table or the memo_id to see who did or did not sign off. Doesn't need to be a child, could be an unlinked table/whatever.

I'm sure you have read Peter Wayne's article "Memo Fields that Work". The basic premise is to never move the record pointer when the memo is in change mode, and isolate the memo fields to separate table(s) in case of corruption (so you don't bring down the master table if something goes wrong). If you do daily backups that should minimize corruption concerns which are unlikely if you build it using PW's guidelines.