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12-16-2008, 01:54 AM
I'm having trouble working out the best way of going about this,
I'm developing a web app for aproximately 1500 login users.
there will be also aprox 350 super users who will have the ability to modify data in the accounts of the 1500 login users.
Currently I'm considering adding a matrix - Table that says which super user has authority of which user,
Any opinions as to what may be a better way of doing this ?

12-20-2008, 01:15 AM
On the surface it sounds like it would simply be a standard situation in which when a user is created a superuser would be assigned say with the superuser's unique ID.

A question or two that comes to mind.

Does every user have a superuser?
Can a user have more than one superuser assigned? If so, then it seems to be a Many-to-Many situation and there have been Many threads about such situations that a search would bring up.

12-21-2008, 08:03 AM
I have recently purchased the Alpha Version 9 Premium software. As a new beginner, I have gained a significant amount of expertise by reading through the documentation. Despite having read through the documentation, I am unable to find a solution and/or method of approach on how to resolve my immediate problem at hand. The documentation is not clear on how I can accomplish my mission.
I have included an attached document which illustrates the basic processing needs for my project. (see attachment).

I). The first screen should display an entry field that would allow a user to enter an account number (Parent record).

a) Once an account is entered by the user, the next screen should show all the Payee records (Child record) that are under
the account.

b) The screen with all the payees should be formatted as illustrated in the attachment. The payees that are selected to be
paid will produce a History record with the Amount paid and date of payment.

Clearly, these are the basic requirements and/or processing business rules I need to design for the project. I am strongly in favor of the Alpha 9 software because it contains many processing capabilities that other software products done have in today's market.
This is the reason why I chosed Alpha 9 software over other software competitors.

At this moment, I am unable to proceed and I am at an impass. I am seeking support from anyone who can address my issue or clarify it by advising me on how to solve my problem.

Thank you very much for your need support.

Ramon Cstro
914-441-3871 (Cell)
203-965-0570 (Business)
9 - 6 pm Eastern