View Full Version : Entering amounts with decimals


Ton Spies
05-31-2009, 12:59 PM
Hi EuroAlphaholics

At the right side of a enhanced keyboard is a keypath. Usefull special for numeric input. There is also decimal (dot)key.
When entering an amount with decimals at the keypath e.g. 123.45 will be treated in Excel as 123,45

Has one of you ever tried to accomplish in Alpha the acceptance of the dot entered from the keypath to be treated as comma?

However I tried to make a function for that, the only way I can get this done is in the fieldrules with: a_field_value.value= chrtran(a_field_value.value,".",",")
I could not get it fiexed because of the initial interpretation N or C type of the input and also as the Interactive window does not work with regional settings.

Interested how you guys do handle this.