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09-10-2009, 11:38 AM
Like someone else in a recent post, I was hoping for greater dialog capabilities in v10, and actually, Richard had noted in an email that "Enhancements in the dialog builder are planned" but per another post' info, it won't be anytime soon.

As someone still learning Alpha, I had used a dialog for an upload (primarily because I had been able to find code in the forum and help info and the AlphaToGo site to do such). It works, but I was pretty disappointed when I realized that the dialogs didn't have the same controls as the new grid detail views (edit-combo lookups, etc). I know that in theory, similar HTML and XBasic that works in the dialog would work in a grid detail view, but I can't seem to make it happen.

I got the "FILELIBGRID.DETAILVIEW_PART.SUBMITBUTTON" by looking at the a5w page source in my browser as suggested by Steve Wood in an old post (though this may have changed with the v10 grids?) and I got the "x_filelibgrid.Output.Body.DetailView_HTML = stritran(x_filelibgrid.Output.Body.DetailView_HTML,"method=\"post" from other posts.

The FileLocation control in the Detail View is a freeform layout with "<input type="file" width="200" name="FileToUpload" >".

Can someone help me get this working? I'm missing something...

Thanks in advance.

a5w page:

<!doctype html public "-//w3c//dtd html 4.01 transitional//en" "http://www.w3.org/tr/html4/loose.dtd">
file.from_blob(FileToUpload.filename, FileToUpload.data)
end if

'The componentAlias MUST be UNIQUE for each component on the page. It must not have spaces in the name. Keep name as short as possible
dim componentAlias as c
componentAlias = "filelibgrid"
Delete tmpl_filelibgrid
DIM tmpl_filelibgrid as P
tmpl_filelibgrid = a5w_load_component("filelibgrid") 'SYSTEM GENERATED COMMENT - PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE (LOAD:filelibgrid)
dim before_overrides as c
before_overrides = *variable_to_script(tmpl_filelibgrid)
'Following code allows you to override settings in the saved component.
with tmpl_filelibgrid
componentName = componentAlias
_gridFilename = "filelibgrid"
end with
dim after_overrides as c
after_overrides = *variable_to_script(tmpl_filelibgrid)
tmpl_filelibgrid.override_settings = word_subtract(after_overrides,before_overrides,crlf())
delete x_filelibgrid
dim x_filelibgrid as p
x_filelibgrid = a5w_run_Component(tmpl_filelibgrid) 'SYSTEM GENERATED COMMENT - PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE (RUN:tmpl_filelibgrid) (EDIT:filelibgrid)
if x_filelibgrid.RedirectURL <> "" then
end if
x_filelibgrid.Output.Body.DetailView_HTML = stritran(x_filelibgrid.Output.Body.DetailView_HTML,"method=\"post\"","method=\"post\" enctype=\"multipart/form-data\"")
<!--Alpha Five Temporary Code Start - Will be automatically removed when page is published -->
<!--CSS for tmpl_filelibgrid -->
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="file:///C:/Program Files/a5v9/SQLDatabases/Support_Coordination.WebProjects/Shared Resources/css/GradientBlue2/style.css">
<!--Alpha Five Temporary Code End -->

<meta name="generator" content="Alpha Five HTML Editor Version 9 Build 2442-3352">
<body class="GradientBlue2PageBODY">

<table><!--Table enclosing Grid component-->
<tr><!--Table row for Grid Search Part-->
<td><!--Table cell for Grid Search Part (Will be blank if Grid uses a Master Layout Template)-->
<%A5 ?x_filelibgrid.Output.Body.Search_HTML %></td><!--End table cell for Grid Search Part-->
</tr><!--End table row for Grid Search Part-->
<tr><!--Table row for Grid Part-->
<td><%A5 ?x_filelibgrid.Output.Body.Grid_HTML %></td>
</tr><!--End table row for Grid Part-->
<tr><!--Table row for Grid Detail View Part-->
<td><!--Table cell for Grid Detail View Part (Will be blank if Grid uses a Master Layout Template)-->
<%A5 ?x_filelibgrid.Output.Body.DetailView_HTML %></td><!--End table cell for Grid Search Part-->
</tr><!--End table row for Grid Search Part-->
</table><!--End table enclosing Grid component--></p>