View Full Version : Odd Behavior in Web Projects Control Panel


09-21-2009, 12:05 PM
I'm about 3 updates behind current, so maybe this is version-dependent:

Once I investigate CSS Style Sheets in Web Projects Control Panel, I am unable to view lists of A5W Pages, HTML Pages, or Web Components in the Web Projects Control Panel.

Can you reproduce this?

1. Open Web Projects Control Panel.
2. Click on A5W Pages to view your a5w pages (or Web Components, or HTML pages if you like). Everything listed - present and accounted for, correct?

3. Now click on CSS Style Sheets, see a folder icon ("css"?).
4. Drill down on css, double-click on it. Now, in my case, I see folder icons for "bluish" (my chosen style) and "calendaricons".
5. Now doubleclick on bluish (or your chosen style). See (in my case, at least) folder icon for "components", and an icon for "Style".

6. NOW... in the main (left) selection window (A5W Pages, HTML Pages, Web Components, etc), click on A5W Pages (or on Web Components). Do you see your pages or components as you expected to? Images are still listed, but everything else is gone.

Once I drill down into CSS Style Sheets, there ain't no comin' back without closing the database and reopening. Not quite the end of the world. But annoying.