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10-08-2009, 10:41 AM
As I edge ever closer to deployment, there's the issue of creating User records within the security framework for nearly 1,000 existing users.

While I have seen how to do this manually, it goes without saying that nobody is going to sit down and key this stuff in via Users & Groups.

What's the best way to deal with this? The existing user table (containing userid, pass, roles, etc) is on the MySQL backend - used for the entire web application. While I see I can import from a .dbf table, there doesn't appear to be an equivalent option for an AlphaDAO connection. Now, I suppose I could simply import the SQL table into a .dbf table and import. Is that the best way? Or is there another option that might be a bit more direct?

I've not yet learned to love the built-in security framework, preferring to go directly to my MySQL table for all things user-related. It's really this emotion (or lack thereof) that prompts the post.

So... 1,000 existing users. How do I get 'em set up in my web app?

10-08-2009, 11:41 AM
my request is to keep this item open.
I am building a health care application with the same question.
My first question give us LDAP but that will not happen is the answer from A5 team a time ago.:( In my project I have to conform to Goverment rules (HL7, nen7750 etc)

I simply can't understand: a simple fact that there is (big)market for health care etc where I live. This week I showed the first screen to the hospital board and guess the answer.......................:D
Security for A5 is fine BUT will it hold the demand on US en other goverments like big organisations health care etc

Each solution has it's price I under stand that clearly, I have the will to put a dollar in the pocket for LDAP and SOAP, but I need straight answers on my question. Go back to where I came frome where a simple plugin available for just 250,00 US dollars if that is so I have to think about that.

Please reply by the forum or by PM

cheers Eric

10-08-2009, 11:48 AM
What I don't realy like that the only way to communicate about this range of questions is by a public board, it's not good choose a other way.

10-08-2009, 11:54 AM

Maybe with V10 it is time to think about a higher level in concept of a framework for V10 Applications, join venture wirh A5 and Jim Dusoe, Steve your reply? I am willing to join the group.

Pat Bremkamp
10-08-2009, 01:46 PM
At one time, Alpha was working on a way to use SQL tables with security. Maybe it's time to ask if they are close with that???


Steve Wood
10-08-2009, 02:16 PM
For your 1000 users in SQL, either export to a table and then import to security or just create an ActiveLink table connected to your SQL table, and then make your import to security from that ActiveLink table.

For LDAP, an authentication could be written in xbasic to LDAP server, but the user would also need to exist in Alpha's security and the person logged in via Alpha's security. I can envision automatically adding someone to Alpha's security, and automatically logging them in based on that authentication. You would not have to pre-populate Alpha's security with each user, they would just get added on the fly based on LDAP authentication.

10-09-2009, 02:36 AM
It's seems the best solution/direction to do that, thanks.

08-01-2010, 03:45 PM
I am struggling with this area too. I have to import around 6,000 users. The DBF import is brutally slow. Going back in and changing the groups, etc is painful at best.

The lack of a search feature in the users area doesn't help things. I know I can click in the id field and type to move down the list....but our user id is a membership id....ALL of which are padded on the left side with at least 4 zeros.....so I have to resort to scrolling. Not fun.

Am I missing something simple here? I am a relative newbie to Alpha. Also, after committing the changed groups.....my computer churns for at least 40 seconds before resolving. Makes me nervous considering this is still on a local machine and moves that slow.

Would a SQL table with an active link table for security speed things up? I have worked thru the new white paper on the subject. They mention Alpha is working to automate the process for using SQL as your security tables...but I haven't heard anything else about it....maybe another feature pack still in the works?

Any suggestions on the user search would be greatly appreciated.

Pat Bremkamp
08-01-2010, 04:28 PM
I have an app with almost 2000 users. I'm using MySQL for the security tables linked through active link tables. This is not the cure-all I hoped it would be. Some things are fast, but others are very slow.

Logon is fast for users.

Adding or updating users and/or groups one at a time through dialogs or grids is fast.

Adding or updating a user or a group through the web control panel is v...e...r...y slow. I think this process must be recreating the entire table (makes sense since they added the check in groups for orphaned members).


Pat Bremkamp
08-01-2010, 04:58 PM
<P>I have just been combining security tables from several different V9 applications using dbf tables into a single V10 application using MySQL tables for the security tables linked to the application using active link tables.</P>
<P>I had several problems and looking back, I would have done it a bit differently.&nbsp;</P>
<P>I first tried an import from dfb to MySL through Navicat, but it doesn't let you add constants to the values. Next, I tried an append operation. This worked better. I edited the dbf to add the fields I needed, then did the append. Looking back, I should have edited the dbf and then imported through Navicat.</P>
<P>Second,&nbsp;each V9 app had been encrypted with a different password, so I had to decrypt them before I could append them. However, in V10, the only way to encrypt the passwords is to enter them manually, so now the passwords are all in the MySQL table in the clear. Looking back, I understand that the&nbsp;V10 security can use the older V9 encryption, so one solution would be to re-encrypt&nbsp;all the passwords&nbsp;with the same&nbsp;key before appending, then set that encryption key in the application.</P>
<P>Third, the new application uses different groups than the old, so I set everyone to a single default group.&nbsp;I now&nbsp;have the issue of adding the additional groups to each user in the members table. I'm currently figuring out how to do this using using a MySQL query. Looking back, I should have considered this when I was creating the original separate databases...it's a real pain now.</P>
<P>The MySQL tables are great for speed for login and for adding/editing users using the a5ws_.. functions in dialogs and grids, but with 2000 users, the user form in the web control panel is v..e..r..y slow, to the point of being impractical. This is probably because Alpha has added a check for orphaned members records any time a change is made to a user or a group, so it's going through the entire&nbsp;user list one at a time.&nbsp;So, if you want to add or edit groups, do so before you add a bunch of users!</P>

Hmmmm. Isn't this strange...donno why I'm getting html tags.

Steve Wood
08-01-2010, 05:12 PM
Here is my user import process.


This is for DBF. It imports 1000 users, including assigning user security, in about 1 minute. The SQL version almost done.

08-01-2010, 07:52 PM

Thank you so much for your input and personal experience observations. I appreciate hearing the good, bad and ugly aspects of the process.

Steve....your video of the new framework is really what I am looking for. I do a lot of gratis work for our state music teacher's association.....having to handle 6,000+ member records and addressing the security groups would be MUCH easier with your product....I am assuming the security tables are also SQL via active link tables?

I ANXIOUSLY await the new SQL release! I already have my credit card burning a hole in pocket just waiting for the announcement! Any update on the release date?